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Mango Avenue’s the Name Party’s the Game

January 4th, 2017 by admin | Filed under Cebu Nightlife, Uncategorized.

For party lovers, Cebu City has so much to offer, with many partying venues to choose from. There are several locations where these nightlife venues are concentrated and if you’re looking to experience nightlife in Cebu that you will enjoy, then you should definitely go to Mango Avenue, where most bars and nightclubs in Cebu are located. Besides bars and nightclubs there are also various strip clubs in Mango Avenue all the way to Mango Square. Near the convention center, you will find the International Bar Complex where there are several new venues that have different interesting themes.

If you’re interested in looking for alternative entertainment rather than bars and nightclubs, you can also find many karaoke bars, comedy bars, casinos in Mango Avenue hotels, restaurants, also many other top bars in Cebu. Below are some of the most recommended entertainment venues in Mango Avenue if you want to experience a Cebu nightlife adventure.


J Ave

This is one of the go-to places for foreigners in the Philippines when they want to party. Great music, nice drinks and lots of girls that you can pick up. J Ave is known as a great place to hook up with girls. Besides regular partygoers there are also quite many prostitutes in this club trying to get a business every night. Besides various alcoholic drinks and other beverages, this place also serves foods and appetizers. If you’re clubbing with a group of friends, you can take the VIP seating in the corner that’s really cozy or you can party in the private bar area that has its own DJ, which is an excellent area to throw a private party with your friends.


Club Pump

Located near Ayala Mall at the back of Grand Convention Center. This place serves beers, drinks and also food with a ‘friendly’ price list. This place is known as the Korean territory, since most visitors of this club are Korean and even they mostly play Korean songs. So if you can’t stand of hearing “Gangnam Style” over and over, then this is not the right venue for you. But if you want to hook up with girls, this is one of the hottest spots in Cebu, because many girls who come to this club are actually on the hunt, and they mostly attracted to foreigners.



This is a pretty new nightclub in the area that quickly gained its popularity among party lovers in the city. Cubana is an outstanding nightclub with exciting floor shows, stunning interior, and breathtaking light show.


El Gecko

Great music, drinks, foods and company. El Gecko is a popular nightclub in the uptown area, it provides a nice place to hang out with great service.


Cafe Havana

Located in the Ayala Mall, Cafe Havana is a nightclub, bar and restaurant with a Latin inspired interior, giving a cozy atmosphere as you enjoy the night with your companion.


Badgers Sports & Dining Pub

This is an American style sports bar that’s very popular among expats. It offers great entertainment and comfortable place to get together with your friends or to meet new people.

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