“And old town with deep historical places Combined with a retro views surrounded by classic churches”


In English, this place is also called The Minor Basilica of the holy child. It is located in Cebu city and found in the 1565. It is believed that this place is the oldest Roman Catholic Church in this city. However, the statue of child Jesus was found by the spanish sailorman around 1565.

The church of the Holy child is actually foundon 28th April, 1565. This church furtermore, finally re-constructed by Fernando Valdes, the spanish governor in 1735. Started from buliding fondations here on 29 February 1735. Furthermore, Rev. Juan de Albarran is the leader of this construction. Finally, the building was completly re-constructed around 1739 or 1740. This church is finally become bigger and there is also a pilgrim which is built near hear for a large mass whorshippers.
So far, this church is also having a library and convention room. It is usually used for learning deeper about christian values and morals. We can also able to observe some religion books and history books in the library over there. This place also provide a Museum where you can see a lot of artifacts from the old curch are displayed perfectly.
Basilica del Santo Nino is located perfectly at the city blok bordered by Osmena Boulvard, D’Jackosalem, St. P. Burgos. St, and the plaza of Sugbo which the Magellan’s cross is situated at. On the North, there is Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral, and you can also see the Roman Catholic Archiodesse of Cebu.
Since it is located in Cebu Island. You should know that Cebu Island is one of the Island that lies one the archipelago country, Philipine. Since it has a large view of sea, beach, and underwater view, you can easily find any diving facility over there. It said that the coral is grown well and it is prohibited to destroy or even take the coral from the place.So, the tourism object which is mostly popular here is snorkling, helmet diving, and fishing, beside the interesting historical site. Actually, Cebu island is the famous place for going to dive. But in another side, Cebu island also rich with historical site that captured the old history of the first Roman Catholic Curch. If you want tooo visit this place, you wil not only get the happines of traveling, but also peacefulness by worshiping.

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