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Exhilarating Days at Cebu City

Cebu Attractions
Cebu Attractions

As the second most developed city in the Philippine, Cebu City is the capital city of island province of Cebu. As the most populous city that exist within the northeastern areas of Philippines, Cebu City is situated on the the biggest island with over 167 other smaller islands that surrounds the whole premises. Cebu has become the center of industry , commercial, and education which attracts hundreds of visitors who stay within the island for business purpose in the heart of the city, or to look for a place to stay before going for island hopping tour into the various isles within Cebu Area.

One of the surprising things that you discovered upon landing your feet on Cebu City is that the metropolitan city of Cebu also has a white sands that is perfect to have a sunbathing session. Even with the advancement of urbanization, the natural environment within Cebu city is still kept clean which functions them as tourist destination spot within the city. It is no wonder that this City holds a predicate as the Queen City of the South, for its immense advancement in globalization and amazing feats in keeping their natural environment to stay pristine.


Places to go around Cebu


Aside from the white sands that become Cebu attractions to invite the tourist to visit, Cebu also has several historical landmarks and museum that features fascinating historical value to see. One of the most visited historical landmarks in Cebu city is the Basilica of Santo Nino, which it kept an ancient relic within the history of Philippines known as the Statue of Santo Nino. Aside being used as the prayer and religious sites, Basilica of Santo Nino also has a museum that opens during the business hours where visitors can admire various historic relics and antiquaries which tells the story of the Christianization of the people of Philippines

You can also find the breathtaking Magellan’s Cross within the plaza Sugbo that is located near the Basilica of Santo Nino. It houses a giant wooden cross that symbolize the sacrifice of Ferdinand Magellan in christianizing the natives of Philippine during his first landing in the island. There is also historical monument of Lapu-Lapu that is located on Mactan Island. Lapu-Lapu is the well known Philippine heroes who fought against the Spanish expedition led by Ferdinand Magellan in 1521. It is quite a sight to behold, and the history of the bravery of the locals is also quite fascinating to hear.


Places to crash in on Cebu City


There are various hotels in Cebu where you can enjoy the breathaking view of Cebu city and the blue sea surrounding it. One of the most recommended hotels in Cebu is the Cordova Reef Vilage Resort where it displays the beautiful scenery of Camotes Sea right on the east side combined with Bohol Strait in the west. If you prefer to stay within the city, then Cebu City Marriott Hotel is the best bet for you since it is located right in the heart of the city. Or, if you prefer a budget hotel, Castle Peak Hotel is the best budget hotel that offers free wi-fi service right in the common area.


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