Cebu Attractions

Fort San Pedro

While the other city offer you some gorgeous attractions with its panorama, Cebu City has some common things but perfectly special to offer for tourists coming there. Different from the others, Cebu attractions have its special value. Firstly, shopping mall SM Cebu is definitely a must to visit since it is the second biggest shopping mall in the Philippines after the Mall of Asia in Manila. Fort San Pedro is offered for those who love historical places. This fort was built to defend the locals against the Spanish expedition who wanted to colonize the area but now it is converted to a National shrine. Besides, Malacanang of the South with its white big building was built because of the request of the ex-president Gloria Arroyo. You also can find Magellan’s cross which is a shrine at the place where Ferdinand Magellan put the cross and brought the Christianity to Cebu.

Another interesting place is Santo Nino church which is supposed to be the oldest church in the Philippines. Another church which is one of the oldest churches is Cathedral and its museum with religious artifacts in Cebu. Usually, big events and wedding of politicians and businessmen are held there; whereas Santo Nino Church is for the masses of the poorer ones.
Not only providing cultural and religious buildings, but Cebu also provides some beautiful panorama such as Kawasan Waterfalls. This is the famous waterfalls in Cebu. Kawasan Waterfalls have three different waterfalls. The first one is where the most of the people stay, swim, and eat. In the second level, you will find less tourists than the first level and only two restaurants there. Lastly, the third level is where the water comes from and distributes water to the second and the first level.

There are a lot of hotels in Cebu but here I recommend you the best two hotels in Cebu. Firstly, Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino which places you close to beaches and shopping center. Secondly, the Henry Hotel Cebu which is also known as The Queen of the South offers you a spirit of authenticity aiming at travelers’ choice with character and soul.

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