Cebu City, Philippines Tourist Attraction

Cebu Attractions

Long time ago before the Spaniards colonized the entire cities of the Philippines, the place Cebu was once a fishing village lead by Rajah Humabon and came from the word “SEBU” means an animal fat or oil from fishes. The city is brimming with utmost historical value. From the fishing village turns into a trading industry in the year 1521, from the first Spanish settlement in 1575 into a municipality in 1901, then Cebu became a chartered city way back February 24, 1937.

Cebu City, the capital city of Cebu is being renowned as the first city and the oldest one in the entire city of the Philippines. There are many to mentions Cebu attractions mostly left by the Spaniards. Among these attractions and is considered to be the most visited place in Cebu City recently is the Magellan`s Cross planted in downtown Cebu, as ordered by Ferdinand Magellan upon landing in Cebu way back April 1521. Also, one of the oldest church of Cebu just nearby Magellan`s cross is the Basilica del Santo Nino, one of the popular landmark in Cebu.

Every April 27th each year, the Cebuanos are having a re-enactment of the battle of Mactan taking place at the seaside of the shrine where Magellan and Lapu-Lapu was once fight, this is to commemorate the battle for freedom. You can witnessed how Cebuano`s valued and never forgotten their heroes for giving them freedom of what they have now!

The Fort San Pedro is located in the Plaza Independencia, nearby pier area of Cebu City also found to be an interesting place to visit, known as the oldest military defense base built by Spanish and indigenous Cebuano workers under the order of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi.

Magellans Cross

Now, Cebu City, Philippines is widely known as the Queen City Of The South, and is considered as the business-friendly city in the Philippines. Where mostly American and Japanese firms are the leading business investors in the city, trading exports product, thus makes the city well-financially stable. Having employed thousands of Filipino workers.  It is the 2nd most populated city in the Philippines next to Metro Manila.

The city is also known of having a star rated hotels in Cebu, beautiful beaches, restaurants, shopping malls and complete recreational amenities, just name it then Cebu have it for you.

The Waterfront hotel in Mactan is just nearby Cebu airport if you like to take a rest after landing, then you can check in here. The hotel has also branch in Asiatown I.T park downtown Cebu City with nearby night clubs, restaurants and shopping malls at reach.

The Shangri-La Mactan Resort and Spa is likewise one of the most prominent hotels in Cebu, though it’s quite expensive hotel but your money is worth the things to experience here. As I believe experience is very expensive! Well, I haven’t had checked in this hotel but my daughter had an educational tour here. They have their own marine life sanctuary which is prohibited spot for swimming yet you can feed those fishes. You can have fun in their snorkeling adventure, scuba diving, massage and spa. And I almost forgot, they served the most healthy and delicious food, if you are very keen on eating a healthy diets. They usually served Mediterranean  healthy eating style.

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