Cebu nightlife

Cebu nightlife has gradually been catching up to Metro Manilas. Generally, it is on Saturday and Friday nights that Cebu’s nighttime comes to life.

Cebu city tourist spots such as Mango Avenues , IT park, and crossroads will be jam packed during these nights as beer lovers and party goers scramble their way to get seats and tables on the otherwise restricted venue space.

Don’t be shock that during 9 pm on Friday, restobars in IT Park will be packed especially the likes of the famous one such as Jacobos, Pier 1 and Moon Café.

Best nightclub Cebu attractions

Slabadu Café and Bistro

This beach bar is largely praised for their remarkable live brand. The band plays more of blues and jazz of music but they also play the classic at times. They are said to be all round entertainers and even take request from the viewers if there is any. Definitely you can enjoy the music while drinking your favorite type of drinks.

The Distillery

It may look easy outside anyway, it is a location known for party animals and liquor connoisseurs. The place provides a big range of imported alcoholic beverages. It provides off a relaxing vibe contracting your thoughts of a bar on weekends, be sure to come early or you will not be capable to find a place for yourself.

The Loft

It is a remarkable club in Cebu City. This is placed at IT parks across the three stars Waterfront Hotel where the call center businesses are. There are many budget hotels in Cebu near the club. The types of music they play are Dub step and techno and instrumental. The security is hard to make sure the safety of the guests. Wednesday is Ladies Night.

The Taproom Cebu

The Taproom is one of Cebu popular bar and restaurant. You can love European-inspired dishes. Private parties are also offered if you want. Regular drinks and dinner are served on Tuesday and Monday nights. Friday is TapDeluxue parties and Thursday is Trivia Night. Saturday nights are for dancing. Free drinks are accessible for ladies on Saturday, featured DJs pump up the nightly parties.

La Bodega

Main visits of La Bodega are X-pats, OFWs, and domestic Filipinos. It recognizes itself as world tropical adventure warehouses that entertain visitor’s imaginations. Aside from the best live bands and DJs, Darts, Beer Pong and bar games they can provide you so more exciting. It owns the bigger dance floor in Cebu.

LIV Super Club

Though it has only opened to the public, it has already become an increase bar in city and strives to keep it that way. With the entrance fee may cost you a pretty bit of money which is P300. Its drinks are fully affordable and cheap.

La Place

LA Place proves to be truly “The Place” best for just for you. They provide their sandwich along with a big range of Picapica salads, grill, fish, and beverages. Include to that its latest tropical garden ambience that makes a special environment inside. There is a free WiFi with no further cost though you have to purchase foods or drinks once in a while.


It may not have the top music or crowd but at least it grips a party every day. This is the top thing about this bar. If you are a party animal and want to enjoy the full night party, then go to this amazing bar.


If you are looking for a beach bar with French bartender and a French theme, look no additional. It is mostly visited by Italians, Germans, Filipinos and British. Pasta del Mika is a must-try food when you reach there.

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