cebu city

Cebu, Philippines – An Enchanting Destination

Philippines is one of the most fabulous countries in South East Asia that’s so exciting to explore. This country has lots of interesting tourist destinations that have various great attractions to please all kinds of visitors.

cebu city
cebu city

Cebu is one among many popular destinations in the Philippines that offers so many interesting attractions to its visitors. Cebu is famous for its natural beauty, and that’s why you can find so many resorts in this area. There are so many different activities you can do during your vacation in Cebu, whether you just want to relax and breath some fresh air or interested in some adventurous activities, Cebu is the perfect place to spend your holiday.

Diving is one of the most popular Cebu attractions, because you can find a lot of great diving spots here. With crystal clear water, you can see the sea floor from above, making you want to jump in and swim with the fish right away.

The resorts in Cebu are plentiful with various different amenities and facilities you can choose. The rates are also quite reasonable, when you choose something a bit expensive you can always get more facilities. If you prefer to stay in one of Cebu hotels, then it’s also a good option. There are so many hotels in Cebu, perhaps every time you make a turn anywhere in the city you will see a hotel. There are some luxurious hotels with suite rooms and premium facilities, and there are also many budget hotels with cheap prices yet decent facilities.

Whether you stay in a resort on the island or in the city, it really doesn’t matter much, because these places are only 20 minutes apart. In fact, a lot of tourists prefer to stay in the city because besides there are lots of hotels with competing price, they can enjoy all kinds of modern facilities that are not available on resort areas. The great thing is that it’s not difficult to find transportation in the area. You can even hire a car with a driver for a very affordable price that can take you to explore all parts of the island.

cebu city
cebu city

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Being known as one of the busiest business centers in the Philippines, Cebu City has lots of shopping malls large and small, where you can find all kinds of stuff including from famous brands like Prada or Luis Vuitton. There are also a lot of bargain shops where you can find various items with low prices. The Colon Street is the most popular spot for you to find these bargain shops in Cebu City. A lot of tourists visit these stores before they head to the airport to buy souvenirs for their loved ones waiting back home.

Cebu nightlife is another charm of the city. You can find so many pubs, discos and bars that stay open all night long. There are various nightlife spots with different types of entertainment that you can find in Cebu City, so you will never be bored to spend your nights in this enchanting place.
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