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The beutiful of underwater experience! Plus the stunning scenery of Sunset !

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Cebu Island is one of the Island that lies one the archipelago country, Philippines. Since it has a large view of sea, beach, and underwater view, you can easily find any diving facility over there. It said that the coral is grown well and it is prohibited to destroy or even take the coral from the place.So, the tourism object which is mostly popular here is snorkling, helmet diving, and fishing.

Before start diving in Cebu, you may choose a package for diving, there are several types of them. And absolutely, you can obtain this without having any diving license.those package  are:

First, package 7dE : Hilutungan Marine Sanctuary + Nalusuan Island sanctuary   (2 dives).

Second, Package S.Safari : HHIlutungan Marine Sanctuary + Nalusuan Island Sanctuary +  Talima (olango island) (3 dives).

Third, package 7aE: Hilutungan Marine Sanctuary (1 or 2 dives), and the last one is WSD+Sumilon Island : Oslob Whale Shark Diving + Sumilon 2 Dives (Diving with the shark)

For doing Scuba Diving, you have also can choose the class for begginer. Ina other word, Cebu provide diving school for the beginer. It is divided into 2 programs of diving training. The first one is snorkle plus and the second one is helmet diving (like an austronot). Snorkle first is the begginer lesson for those who want to start diving. In this case you will have 30 minutes diving with a small oxygen tank. So, you will not be difficult to bring it. Here you will learn how to dive 5 up to 10 meters weather you are a good swimmer or not. In this diving class you may invite your friend up to 4 people. It is usually easy to go with the diving material since there is a guide which follow you to dive.

cebu diving
cebu diving

The second class called Aquanut class. This is kind of diving that uses a helmet. It’s just like an astronout. The helmet you use has a cable connection to the air above, so you can dive as long as you want. This class is suitable for those who have a diving expirience before.

In this place you are also able to go fishing. Fishing is a fun popular activity you can do in Cebu. Here you can find big domestic fishes are swimming in the sea. However, you will be carried out by using local fisherman boat.

If you want to stay at night in Cebu, it’s time to look for suitable hotel for you. In Cebu, there many hotel you  can stay comfortly . The first one is Cebu City hotel. This place is quite close from the beach, shopping located on Serging Osmena Boulvard at the corner of Street Juan Luna Avenue. The second place is Henry hotel Cebu which is well-known as “The Queen of The South” it is also located near the beach with a competititive price and reliable customer service in it. Happy Travel !

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