hotels in cebu

Choosing Budget hotels in Cebu, Philippines

Cebu City in the Philippines is growing fast and becomes one of the most notable business and tourism destinations in the country. With a lot of local and foreign visitors coming to the city everyday to enjoy Cebu attractions or Cebu nightlife, accommodation has become a lucrative business here.

hotels in cebu
hotels in cebu


That’s why you can find so many hotels in Cebu from 5-star hotels to the cheapest budget hotels with different facilities.

The good thing is you have a lot of options, especially if you’re traveling on a tight budget. However, too many options sometimes can be overwhelming. Just like when choosing Cebu hotels, you practically can find a hotel in every street corner in the city. Budget hotels are easy to find in Cebu, but if you make the wrong choice, your trip might not be as pleasant as you planned.


Here are a few simple tips to help you choose the right budget hotels in Cebu:


Set your expectations – Determine what kind of facilities and amenities that you must have in your hotel, also determine how much you’re willing to pay.


Do your research – When you already have a clear picture of what you’re looking for, then start your research. Use the Internet for quick research, there are many websites that can give you complete information on various hotels in Cebu.


Customer reviews – While researching, you should always pay attention to customer reviews. The best information about a hotel that you can get is from those who have actually stayed there and experienced the service.


Location – Consider the location of the hotel. If you’re in Cebu for business, it won’t make any sense if you choose a hotel up in the mountains. On the other hand, if you’re on vacation and you love the beach scenery, then you should find a hotel located near the beach.


Here are some recommendations of great budget hotels in Cebu:


Fuente Oro Business Suites – This is a relatively new hotel in Cebu, located near the Coco Mall and Cebu Doctor’s Hospital. It provides WiFi in lobby, elevator, and breakfast for two. It’s also not far from the airport and only 3 minutes’ walk to Fuente Osmena Circle.

Gran Tierra Suites – Located along the Don Mariano Cui Street also not far away from the airport, Gran Tierra Suites is a cozy boutique hotel. It provides Wi-Fi in the room but no free breakfast. However, there are many restaurants and eateries around the hotel.


Cebu R Hotel – Only a block away from Gran Tierra Suites, Cebu R Hotel is just a bit more expensive. It provides Wi-Fi in the room, elevator, and free breakfast for two.


Grand Prix Econotel – This small hotel is located on the 3rd floor of a building in Fuente Circle. The rooms are really nice with Wi-Fi and free breakfast for two.


Alba Uno Residencia – Located in IT Park, Cebu, this hotel provides free Wi-Fi in every room, it also has an elevator. There are many restaurants and convenience stores around the area.

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