It’s More Fun On Cebu City

As the second largest city on Philippines, Cebu City has become a favorite tourist visit that offers a metropolitan city atmosphere while mixed hospitable culture of locals coupled with the vibrant seaside lifestyle that is apparent in the surrounding island. Hailed as the “Queen City of the South” by the natives of Philippines, Cebu City is regarded as the significant center where trade, commerce, and education are concentrated within the city. You can also visit the surrounding Islands around Cebu city such as Mactan Island and Olango island to enjoy the seaside view of the beautiful beaches around Cebu.

Places To Go Around Cebu

Aside from the obvious metropolitan atmosphere that Cebu has exhibited, it is also rich in cultural heritage where several remains of Spanish settlements in the Philippines are preserved and become Cebu attractions to attract visitors from around the world admire the provincial airs mixed within the urban vibes nicely.

Ferdinand Magellan
Ferdinand Magellan

Cebu attractions has various historical landmarks that is worth to see around. The Magellan Cross is a popular landmark that represents the time where Portugese explorer Ferdinand Magellan arrived into the Philippines’ soil for the first time and converting the locals around him into Christianity. You can also visit the Basilica del Santo Nino which houses one of the oldest religious relics that is present within the Cebu City. Fort San Pedro also a popular wedding photo spot for its quaint atmosphere that shows the life of Cebu residential during the Spanish era.

Where To Stay On Cebu

Aside from historical value, Cebu also exhibit an exhilarating night life where many hotels offer a pub or club house for you to enjoy the party from the comfort of your hotels in Cebu. Treff Hotel Bar is widely known to house several parties and ladies night out where you can hit local girls around, or You can also enjoy your luck in flirting with the fortune goddess by taking your chance at Cebu Waterfront Hotel & Casino. Press your luck against a game of baccarat, blackjacks, and slots where you might come home in fortune or lesser money in your pocket.

Cebu Nightlife
Cebu Nightlife

What To Eat On Cebu

If you ask what local food that you should try while on Cebu, there is one world: Lechon. Lechon is a roasted pig that is regarded as the best Cebu cuisine that is featured by Anthony Bourdain during his episode on No Reservation show. His claim that lechon was “the best pig ever” are not exaggerated since the pig was roasted in such a way and glazed with special Philippine sauce which makes the pig texture is crunchy, yet saucy both in the outside and the inside.

Other Cebu local dish that is no less yummy than lechon can be found on several dining areas around the city. You can enjoy the Philippines cuisine on the Cafe Laguna which houses the best authentic taste in local dishes, or you can enjoy classic international buffet or vegetarian meal right on Cafe Marco. Whatever your palatal preferences is, you can bet that everything can be found on Cebu City

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