J Ave Super Club in Mango Avenue

Mango Avenue is the place to go during your stay in Cebu if you want to enjoy a nightlife adventure. This location is famous for its various nightlife venues of all classes that serve anything from drinks to companions. Many tourists who want to enjoy nightlife in Cebu even choose to stay in one of the Mango Avenue hotels. Among many Top bars in Cebu, J Ave or previously known as Julianna’s is quite stand out, especially among foreigners. A lot of foreign visitors and expats usually recommend this place if you want to enjoy Cebu nightlife and meet girls.

Compared to most clubs in Mango Avenue or Cebu in that matter, this place has a more favorable male to female ratio. For that reason, this club earns its reputation as one of the best places to go to get laid in the city. However, looks like that’s also the reason why J Ave has become more and more crowded. Every night this place is packed with partygoers and in weekends, you might even find it hard just to crossover from one side to the other as it’s often overcrowded during those times. But still, if great music and girls are what you want in your nightlife adventure, J Ave is definitely the right destination for you.

Besides a pretty wide dance floor, there are also tables and chairs on the sides, that probably are a bit too many, considering that most of the time half the seats are empty as most people are usually spending time on the dance floor, so less seats will help to make the club less crowded. If you’re clubbing with some friends though, it’s a good idea to choose one of the VIP tables located at the back. These tables will actually give you a breathing space and they’re really cozy as well.

Most foreign visitors in J Ave are Koreans as Cebu is a very popular tourist destinations for them. A lot of Koreans also choose Cebu as a place to study, so no matter when you visit this club, you will always see a lot of Koreans having fun in J Ave who make up about 30% of all visitors. As for other visitors, they are 50% locals and the other 20% are other foreigners from various countries. Besides partygoers, usually there are also local prostitutes looking for business in this place every night. That’s why this place undoubtedly is in part from sex tourism. Then there are also many typical ‘bar girls’ that are usually looking for foreigners to sleep with.

The music played in this club is chart/house with a couple of DJs that mostly actually just playing pre-mixed iTunes playlist. If you really want to enjoy great music and excellent atmosphere, you can spend time in the private bar known as the ‘Elite’. This place is often booked for birthday parties or other special events. The most special thing about this private bar is the music, they have a really good DJ that plays excellent music all night long.

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