Cebu Nightlife

Mango Avenue – The Center of Nightlife Fun in Cebu

Mango Avenue in Cebu is the popular name for General Maxilom Avenue, named after a hero in the Philippine revolution. This location is not simply another busy street in Cebu, but it’s also famous for being the major Cebu nightlife spot.

Cebu Nightlife
Cebu Nightlife

The name of the street was taken from the name of General Arcadio Maxilom y Molero, who led the Katipunan, a Philippine revolutionary society during the struggle for independence from Spain.

Today, Mango Avenue has grown into the number one entertainment center in Cebu with top bars in Cebu, Mango Avenue hotels, restaurants and other entertainment venues. But Mango Avenue is not all about entertainment and nightlife in Cebu, there are also various other facilities, like schools, churches, malls and banks.

Currently Mango Avenue is probably the most popular place to hang out in Cebu. Besides providing all kinds of entertainment venues and other facilities, Mango Avenue is also easily accessible since it’s located near Fuente Osmena and Jones Avenue.


Nightlife in Mango Avenue

Mango Square in the avenue is the place where you can find various pubs, bars and even some strip venues. Every night this avenue is jam packed with lots of partygoers, especially during weekends. This is also one of the most popular spots for foreigners in the Philippines, probably because it’s a lot easier to pick up girls in this area rather than in other nightlife spots in Cebu, like the IT Park or Crossroads. Another thing that makes Mango Avenue a favorite place for partygoers is because the price ranges in this area are generally cheaper than in other areas.


Even though there are many other attractions in the area, but Mango Avenue will always be known for its nightlife entertainment. Most foreigners who have travelled to the Philippines, especially to Cebu usually will recommend this place if you ask them about the nightlife area.

Cebu Nightlife
Cebu Nightlife

However, if you’re a foreigner, you also need to be aware when you visit this area as this is where “swindling” usually takes place. It doesn’t mean that you have to be suspicious about the people in Cebu, they are some of the sweetest people you will ever meet. However, everywhere there are always those people who swindle other people to make money, especially foreigners. In Mango Avenue this swindling usually takes place in bars and taxis.

A lot of taxi drivers in this area will charge you with “flat rates”, which is actually double of what you should have paid with regular rates. While in bars, usually they will use girls that will sweet talk you to buy them beers. These girls will make you think that they like you while they’re actually just trying to make you spend more money. It’s actually not too difficult to differentiate between girls hired by the bars with “regular” girls. “Bar girls” are usually aggressive and always push you to buy more and more drinks and they will not stop until your money runs out.

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