Nightlife in Cebu City ?

cebu nightlife

Well, if the first populated city of the Philippines has a lot to offer when it comes to nightlife, Cebu nightlife is likewise worth a try. Cebuano`s are also love to unwind and relax after a week of working, hence the City is well-renowned as the 2nd well-financially stable city in the Philippines.

Having the biggest American and mostly Japanese firm doing export business in the city, due to the reason that Cebuano`s workers is very industrious where they can only expense less amount of salary, less required permits and licenses to operate legally than compared to another country. It brings many benefits for all of the Filipinos, those companies help the City ameliorate the financial capabilities and to lessen poverty, at least!

Not only Cebuano’s are in love with having a nightlife after work, bust as well as tourist foreigners all around the world was known to have been visiting the Cebu nightlife spots, usually on Friday and Saturday night. If you are a party goers and beer lovers, Cebu City has it all to offer for you!

cebu nightlife

The I.T Park in downtown Cebu is known to be one of Cebu nightlife spots. Where mostly party goers are all working as a call center agent, just within the industrial park. There are numerous industrial buildings, condos, government establishments, private companies, clubs and bars in Cebu downtown I.T Park.  The most renowned bars here are; Pier 1, Moon Café and Jacobos.

The Mango Square Avenue is likewise where lots of pubs and bars in Cebu is situated. It is the place where numerous Cebuano`s had met foreigners and got married. This place is then jam packed during weekends, mostly foreigners who comes in here to meet and find a Cebuano wife for life, and they succeeded. In fact, I have a friend before who really loves to party in this place, she meets a Korean, fall in love, then they got married and she’s now happily living in Korea with her 2 cute little boys.

Not just my friend, who finally found love in this place, but many more to mention that makes me conclude that Mango Square Avenue is not just a place for fun, enjoyment and socialization but as well as the place to meet the love of your life! But when coming to this place to find your true love beware not to be swindled. I am not telling that Cebuano`s are like that, well, I have been living so many years in Cebu and I found them very nice to live with, but there are just those people who badly needed money and socializing with foreigners are their ways to deceive you and earn money from you!

The crossroads near I.T Park and Mango Avenue, is just another alternative place to hang out with friends at night to unwind, eat foods, and drink. VuDu is located here, one of the most renowned clubs in Cebu. Additionally, the Maya- a Mexican family KTV and restobar can also be found here. Don’t forget to safety your viable belongings when you are in these crowded places.

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