Cebu Island

The Best Tourist Attractions You Can Find in Cebu

When speaking about tourism in the Philippines, Cebu is definitely one of the top destinations. Fortunately, Cebu has been a really developed tourist destination with lots of facilities built to welcome visitors.

Cebu Island
Cebu Island

You can easily find Cebu hotels in just about every street corner, these hotels in Cebu range from cheap budget inns to luxurious 5-star hotels.

This place has various kinds of natural beauty as well as a lot of man-made attractions that captivate millions of visitors every year. From fantastic historical sites to Cebu nightlife spots, this place has something for everyone to enjoy. Here are some of the best Cebu attractions that you can enjoy on your vacation:

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Beaches – One of the main reasons for tourists to visit Cebu is because of its wonderful beaches. However, many of these beaches are actually scattered on nearby island that can be easily reached from Cebu. Like Mactan Island for example, is connected to Cebu by bridge. This is the main resort island that provides lots of watersports facilities. Another great place is the Kansatik Island, which is the perfect spot for scuba diving.


Magellan’s Cross – Magellan was the first explorer who visited Cebu in 1521. When he arrived, Magellan planted a cross that becomes an important religious artefact known as the Magellan’s Cross. It can be found in Cebu’s Basilica Minor del Santo Nino.


Lapu Lapu Monument – This famous monument was erected at the site of Magellan’s death when he was going to Mactan Island after succeeded converting Cebu to Christianity. Magellan was killed by the Mactan Island’s chieftain, Lapu Lapu.


Fort San Pedro – This is a small yet impressive fort built 1565 to defend Cebu from attackers. After being used as a fort for about 400 years, the fort was finally turned into a garden and museum soon after Japanese occupation in World War II.

Fort San Pedro
Fort San Pedro

Cebu Cathedral – The first time it was built in 1591, this cathedral was only made of bamboo and wood and looking more like a barn rather than a cathedral. But over the years it has evolved into an impressive building and becomes an important landmark of the city.


Taoist Temple – Even though Catholicism is the main religion in the Philippines, there are also other cultures and religions in these islands, one of them is the Chinese population with their Taoism faith. The Taoist temple built by the Chinese in Cebu is located in a secluded location, but even so, the beauty of this temple can always attract lots of visitors.

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Tops – Need to cool off? Just head 2000 feet up to the Tops. This place provides stunning views of the surrounding towns and islands, also makes great picnic spot.


Guitar Factories – This is another thing that’s quite unique about Cebu. There are so many guitar factories that actually help to put Cebu in the world map. You can visit these factories to see how these guitars are built and probably purchase one at a discounted price as a souvenir of your journey.

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